Dr. Joseph Jemsek

Joseph Jemsek, MD

Dr. Jemsek has offered 50 years of passionate service, cared for tens of thousands of disenfranchised patients suffering from HIV/AIDS and from Lyme disease, and advanced several treatment innovations for tick-borne illnesses. Today, he is one of the world’s foremost specialists treating Lyme disease.

In his upcoming memoir, Dr. Jemsek recounts how his life story became intertwined with the story of Lyme disease and the medical and political wars it spawns.

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“I’m just a man, blessed with a loving family and with the opportunity to help others.”

— Dr. Jemsek

Jemsek writes his memoirs

Dr. Jemsek’s Memoir

For twenty-four years, Jemsek has sought to decode the mystery of Lyme, more contentious in 2024 than when the first cluster of inexplicable cases was reported in 1976.

Despite facing up to slander, battling lawsuits, surviving bankruptcy and a stream of family challenges, Jemsek has continued to practice “common sense medicine”: listening to patients and trusting his clinical findings. For that, he became a godsend to patients, a pariah to Medicine Inc.

This is his story, in his own words.