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Previous Appearences

The Compounding Center Connections Podcast, October 2023

Pharmacist Jay Gill from the Compounding Center interviews Dr. Joseph Jemsek from the Jemsek Specialty Clinic in Washington, D.C. In this episode. Dr. Jemsek talks about his experiences using methylene blue with his patients suffering from Lyme borreliosis complex.

Q&A Sessions for the Academy of Nutritional Medicine, May and July 2020

These Q&A sessions with Dr. Jemsek were held following his webinar “Lyme borreliosis complex and COVID-19: How Do They Interact?” for the Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM). AONM is an international interdisciplinary forum advancing nutritional medicine. AONM aims to facilitate the integration of conventional and complementary medicine by bringing together worldwide academic expertise, providing to practitioners and the public high-quality information on new developments, effective testing, and therapeutic approaches.

Lecture: “Insights into Lyme Borreliosis Complex: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery,” Lyme Disease UK, London, England, June 2019

Dr. Jemsek offered a pro bono lecture for the charitable organization Lyme Disease UK, attended by more than 140 patients and caretakers from around the United Kingdom. Lyme Disease UK is a charitable organization working to raise awareness and provide support to those living with the devastating effects of Lyme disease in the UK. During the lecture, attendees watched Dr. Jemsek examine a patient on-stage and learned self-help tips on how to manage tick-borne illness in the absence of adequate medical care.

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jemsek lduk
Dr. Jemsek with two Lyme Disease UK trustees, Natasha Metcalf (left) and Ann Gregson (right), June 2019.

Lecture: “Misconceptions, Controversies, and Conundrums in Lyme Borreliosis Complex,” LivLyme Summit 2019, Westminster, CO, September 2019

This summit gathered 16 of the world’s top scientists working with tick-borne pathogens and tick-borne illnesses. It offered to medical doctors, researchers, and college students focused on the Lyme issue 10 hours of CME credits—free of charge.

At the summit, Dr. Jemsek spoke about the critical role babesia plays in the expression of Lyme borreliosis complex (LBC), the correlation between LBC and other chronic illnesses of unknown etiology, the Jemsek Specialty Clinic’s approaches to treatment, and the political conundrums interfering between physicians and patients seeking help.

Dr. Jemsek Endorses Olivia Goodreau’s TickTracker App, September 2019

Olivia Goodreau started the LivLyme Foundation at age 12 to fundraise for the treatment of children with Lyme disease as well as for research toward a Lyme disease cure. Olivia went on to develop the TickTracker, a real-time, shared tick report database and map aiding users in preventing tick bites. Learn more about Olivia’s TickTracker app.

olivia and dr jemsek
Dr. Jemsek with Olivia Goodreau, founder of LivLyme Foundation, September 2019.

Address to the National Parliament of Ireland, June 2018

In a presentation organized by Deputy Michael Healy-Rae, a passionate supporter of Lyme patients, Dr. Jemsek addressed Teachtaí Dála (members of congress) of the National Parliament of Ireland (Houses of the Oireachtas) from the Fianna Fáil party, the Rural Independent Group, and the Regional Independent Group. Dr. Jemsek highlighted the challenges in the fight against Lyme disease and took questions from the members of congress. Earlier that month, during the 2018 National Lyme Disease Conference at the University College of Dublin, Dr. Jemsek had lectured on “The Emergence of 21st-Century Acquired Immune Deficiencies & Pandemic Pathogens” and participated in a panel titled “The Political Landscape of Lyme Disease” with Eamon Scanlon, Dr. Jack Lambert, Suzanne Keenan, and Kerry Lawless.

From right to left: Deputy Michael Healy-Rae; Dr. Joseph Jemsek; Anthony Morris, Lyme patient and advocate; and Deputy Mattie McGrath, at the Parliament of Ireland, June 2018.

Lecture: “Applying Common Sense and Lessons Learned in Lyme Borreliosis Complex Treatment,” International Conference Lifting the Veil, Part III, Academy of Nutritional Medicine, London, England, May 2016

During the Lifting the Veil conference, internationally renowned speakers Dr. Judy Mikovits, Prof. Malcolm Hooper, Dr. Joseph Jemsek, Dr. Alan MacDonald, Dr. Armin Schwarzbach, and Dr. Marjo Valonen explored the complex interactions between pathogens, environment, genes, and the immune system that result in chronic illness.

Address to Partners Against Lyme and Tick Associated Diseases Forum, October 2013